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We do Monthly Maintenance and Hourly Support, with over 32 years of ICT experience.
We use Solid State Drives, to replace mechanical Hard Disk Drives.


Monthly Maintenance Plan: Clients can pre-purchase DISCOUNTED remote or onsite support hours, allowing you to budget.
Part of the Monthly Contract consists of a scheduled site visit when Special health checks and tasks are performed on your Systems.

A Monthly IT Maintenance Plan is essential for any business to ensure :

  1. your server and network maintain the highest possible up-time.
  2. you operate in an environment where your data is secure.
  3. your Internet Access and e-mail systems operate efficiently.
  4. adequate antivirus protection is applied.
  5. your staff have the correct tools for the job.
  6. where possible, problems are pro-actively averted .
  7. you are advised on new technologies and options.
  8. you have on-site assistance when you have a problem.
  9. you can get the best technology for your budget.
10. your server has the latest Microsoft security updates and patches.
11. your network is effectively protected from outside intrusion.
12. you are assisted with information regarding SPAM filtering.
13. your email data (pst file) is backed up.
14. an annual data archive to media which is kept off-site.
15. in the event of theft or breakdown, DailyTech is well equipped and prepared to restore your ICT functions.
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